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Hilton Head Island, and Electric Bikes Now, and in the Future

Electric bikes came to Hilton Head several years ago and are gaining in popularity rapidly. Even though they make up a small percentage of the some 40,000-bike total local rental fleet they are a unique and needed item on our Island. They make biking the trails and beaches almost effortless and allow you to cover more ground much faster, not necessarily in terms of speed but in the fact that much less rest periods and stops are needed.

At Hilton Head E-Bike Rentals, safety is of our utmost concern. The E-Bike rental community has voluntarily governed our bikes 20 a maximum speed of 16 MPH. This is well within the realm of speeds that can be attained by a regular pedal bike under normal riding conditions however most riders never attain anywhere near this speed as on the trails and beaches most people are sight seeing and riding along with kids and family members.

If you bring your own bike be it pedal or electric, please respect our voluntary speed limits and bike trail signage as well as remember the rules you learned as a kid including walking your bike across streets and crosswalks and using hand signals. By respecting other people and operating all bicycles in a safe manner, the entire biking experience will be much safer and more enjoyable for years to come.