Bicycle Safety on Hilton Head Bike Trails

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Bicycle Tips on Hilton Head Island

If you are riding any kind of bike on Hilton Head, your own or rented, please be advised we don’t have bike thieves here, only people that need a ride. LOCK your bike up if you are going to be out of sight of the bike. It only takes a second and could save much aggravation. Certain people will grab any unlocked bike and ride it to where the want to go and then abandon it. Not fun!

When biking be sure to where proper clothing and footwear. Pavement will take the meat off your bones very quickly. Wear shoes. Hats, sunblock, water are also highly recommended. Please consider wearing a helmet. Even though you are at low speed you can still crack your head even in a slow speed fall.

We have diverse wildlife here. Please leave the animals alone. Watch from a distance and take photos but do not feed or harass them ESPECIALLY alligators which are everywhere on the island not just in ponds.