Make Memories that Last a Life Time

Discover the treasures of Hilton Head Island by reserving a Fat Tire Electric Bike to cruise around Hilton Head on our miles of Bike Trails!

Cruise Around the Island on Bike Trails.

Hilton Head offers miles of Bike Trails to safely and easily travel around the entire island and avoid the hassles of parking, road traffic and congestion.

Join Us On Nature & Wildlife Tour

From crocodiles to great blue herons and spectacular views of Hilton Head’s natural beauty, Hilton Head’s wildlife is best viewed from our bike trails.

Romantic Couples Picnic Excursion

Take a romantic electric bike ride with your partner to your favorite spot on Hilton Head Island. A perfect time to relax and reconnect with each other amidst the natural surroundings of Hilton Head.

Hilton Head Electric Bike Rentals

Cruise around Hilton Head Island
on our Xtreme Electric Bike Rentals.

The city of Hilton Head has developed some beautiful bike trails to easily discover the many attractions on the island without hassling with traffic and parking.

Our Fat Tire Electric Bikes with patented Front wheel drive systems power through the bike trails as well as on the soft sandy beaches unlike a traditional bike.

You can cruise up to 20 mph and 20 miles on a single battery charge without breaking a sweat or switch to pedal power for exercise.

Choose from our full size electric bike or our folding electric bike that easily compacts to fit in your vacation home or hotel; on your boat or RV, even in your trunk!

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